Chapter 1: Da BeginningEdit

First Gordan Freeman (a.k.a. the Deaner) wakes up from a nightmare. He sees the G-Man (Germaney Sutton) who tells him story about ranibows and bunnies. It reminds him of his favorite cereal, Lucky Death. Metro Police tells Lukes Skywalkers that he is his father and they live happily nevler after.

Chapter 2: City 17Edit

Then Gordon Freeman goes into a train, and meats a dark man. The dark man is very black. They talk and then the train opens. He walks out to see the trash can to put his bagels in it. He meats the very nice Metro Police and they give him money. Then he goes to a secret room and kills the other main character Barney. They then have a tea party with rainbows. It is very yummy in his tummy.

Chapter 3: Chasting BagelsEdit

After the tea party, Gordan Deeman goes to the city to see his mission. He needs to get the bagels. He goes outside to be chased by the Metro police bagel sector. Then, a citizen brings him to her houses and introduces them to his friends. Then she smuggles them into a bagel factory. Before she can finish, the metro police find her, slice her into little nostrile sized pieces and come chasing after you. You run from them, go on the roof, and then jump to what must ceratinely will be your death because of all the poison daggers on the floor.

Chapter 4: The Troll TrainEdit

Right when you think your are going to die, you use the ultimate cheats given to you by the 1337 H4x0rz. It makes you invinsible so you cannot die. Then you get kidnapped by Alyxx Vancee and she brings you to the troll train. On the troll train you meat Trololololololo Lolololo who gives you ulitmate no-clip which gives you extra bagels. When the Troll Train ends, you continue to search for the bagels. When you get off though, a second troll train comes and its headed to you. You think this is the end for Gordan Deenman.

this is to be continued...

Sidenote: Deetsenkamen, stop edditing my story!!! It is goodness with rainbows!!!