Metro police

Metro Police

The Metropolitan Police Force, MPF, or Civil Protection (all of which can be used interchangeably) are the human volunteer police force acting on behalf of the Universal Union to keep law and order within City 17 (and presumably all other megacities on Earth following the seven hour war). Although the time the player may be able to observe their behavior is limited, it's clear that the Civil Protection behaves in an unwarranted brutal manner towards citizens. Furthermore, the Civil Protection is motorized and militarized, utilizing APCS, Hunter-Choppers, and other Combine Synths in addition to their own manpower to oppress and terrorize the civilian populace. They are the lowest of the low, however, and answer to everyone above them such as Dr. Breen, and Overwatch Transhuman Arm.
Metro Police!



Metro Police walking away after knocking out Gordon.

Metropolice start off as being rather unfriendly, but do not attack the player outright unless they get within arms-reach or purposefully harass the officer. When too close, the unit will push them away and issue a series of warnings. On the third warning the Metrocop will ignite his stunstick and chase Gordon for a few feet before disengaging and returning to their post. However the player can observe them harassing civillians for no reason, such as forcing one citizen to leave behind his luggage at the train-station, and random arrests within the plaza leading to the housing blocks.

Upon the apartment raid the Civil Protection will turn hostile to Gordon and engage with their pistols and SMGs instead of their melee weapons. They can be observed executing citizens on-sight left and right, especially in the water-canals.

The Civil Protection will attempt to use swarming ambushes to confront Gordon due to their poor training making them not much of a threat when alone. However they shouldn't be underestimated, as in groups they are capable of encircling Gordon easily. They will also begin to utilize manhacks to distract the player.

Role           Edit

The Metro Police serve to enforce the Combine's dictatorship over Earth and it's inhabitants. Essentially acting as thought-police, the Civil Protection keep the loyalty of the average man or woman through fear and harsh brutality for the smallest form of rebellion. Ironically, it seems that despite being unmolested humans (as the metropolice do not get cybernetic enhancement like the OTA) they are completely unaware that through their mass killings they're essentially aiding in the murder of their own species. It's safe to assume that anyone who joins is a sympathizer of Dr. Breen's foolish belief that the Combine seek to "aid" humanity in return for the resources they provide --or a sadist that enjoys the power above his peers. It is mentioned through Overwatch transmissions that the Civil Protection do get better living standards, food, and "non-biological-reproduction-simulation" as rewards for their duties.  

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